Specialist metal finishes - metal coatings in bronze, copper, brass, pewter, blackened steel. Metal Coating

Our AM metal finishes are a 100% metal veneer coating that can be applied to numerous substrates to provide a cast/solid metal effect. They are recommended by designers and architects for use on commercial and private projects where a tailor-made bespoke finish is required. The coatings range includes bronze, brass, copper, pewter and verdigris with varying degrees of patina available. But we also offer a client supplied sheet metal patination service that includes blackened steel.

Heritage finish

When we create an aged look on bronze, brass, copper and pewter we call this a 'heritage finish'. An aged patina is often required to match with existing building architecture or internal fittings. Please call us if you have specific requirements and need more information.

Areas where our coatings are used to elevate and promote a high-end finish include…

Wall cladding and panelling | balustrading | reception desks | doors | lighting | exhibition stands | furniture | sculpture | screens | garden structures | planters | fixtures & fittings | signage | shop display | museum displays | bars & restaurants | entrance control | public buildings & banks.

Surface preparation is a crucial part of this process as any flaw, no matter how tiny, will be visible on the finished surface.

Price is worked out per square metre coverage and our standard metal finishes are a set amount. For a gently polished finish there will be an additional cost of approximately one half again. For more information or to ask for a quote please call us on 01825 763485.

The samples below are sections of a random finish and variants within each finish should always be expected.